Connect and use objects across business units Gepland
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Restrict edit rights to BPMN activity descriptions Gepland
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Support easy actor replacement in swimlane in BPMN diagram Gepland
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Start page per business unit Gepland
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Clean up the wishes in this community Gepland
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Filter and sort relations in relation tab Gepland
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Import AMEFF files directly into a workspace (aka business unit) Gepland
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Change timezone history tab Gepland
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Use "Completeness" as a field value in "Conditional Layout" Gepland
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Ability to empty archive (delete objects) Gepland
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[wish] Mirroring freeshapes Gepland
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[wish] Collapse/Expand BPMN subprocess Gepland
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View kunnen delen op basis van rol Gepland
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Groeperen van objecten bruikbaar maken Gepland
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Freeform object/tekst direct kunnen plaatsen Gepland
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Excel/CSV import Gepland
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I want to be able to make free shapes transparent Gepland
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Afbeeldingen invoegen! Gepland
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Eigen visuele objecten kunnen uploaden en gebruiken in een view Gepland
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Data Module: Automatically add linked attributes when placing Data Object on View Gepland
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Ability to export process info (and model) to external document Gepland
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Empty datetime values defaulting to 0001-01-01T00:00:00Z in ODATA-feed Gepland
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Copy object in BPMN view to another BPMN view in another process Gepland
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Simplifying the creation of an "Official BPMN" Gepland
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Object viewer sliding over the view instead of pushing it a side. Gepland
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use API's for the exchange of data between BlueDolphin and other systems Gepland
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Permissions: what do they do? Gepland
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Use rich text format in views Gepland
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Increase usable screen real estate by removing top bars Gepland
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