Questionnaires shown in process portal Voltooid
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[wish] show names of referenced objects in official processes Voltooid
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kopieren objecten tussen views in archimate omgeving Voltooid
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Change the color of text in the top menu bar. Voltooid
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Add a zoom-in zoom-out option to click on (as part of the navigation pane right-under) Voltooid
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Process Portal: download a BPMN-flow to file (same as in the view editor) Voltooid
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Using templates to create new Architecture, BPMN, Logical Data views Voltooid
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Show title of the view in the name of the tab Voltooid
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Hide the AMEFF Identifier property by default Voltooid
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Show fields in questionaire in correct order in process portal Voltooid
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Niet tonen metadataveld-titels in procesportaal-rechterpaneel indien veld leeg Voltooid
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Voorkomen van 'Opening a view that is not yours' voor alleen-lezen gebruikers Voltooid
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Place my own images, such as a logo, next to the objects and the freeshapes on the worksets/views. Voltooid
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Boost 'view-friendliness' by layering Voltooid
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Abillity to add Metadata to a View and show it on the view Voltooid
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Wish: corporate logo available in diagrams Voltooid
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Typing immediatly when adding objects to a view Voltooid
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Copy Free shapes and text between BD environments Voltooid
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BPMN: go to corresponding call activity with double click Voltooid
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possibility to include views dynamically in another content platform Voltooid
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Mouse-over shows name objects Voltooid
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Export BPMN processes including a description of task fields Voltooid
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Audit trail bij objecten Voltooid
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Sorteren van views op laatst gewijzigd en type Voltooid
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Nieuwe versie uploaden van published views Voltooid
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Wijzig Objects in de Admin interface naar Object Definitions Voltooid
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