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How we process your wishes Pinned
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Popup tekst niet leesbaar
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Save multiplicity on relationships Answered
3 votes 4 comments
Manage more than one relationship between objects in Data logical view
2 votes 0 comments
Ik wil een zelf invulbare popup als ik hoover op de koptekst van een read only veld Answered
2 votes 1 comment
Guest Link - Views and Reports Answered
2 votes 1 comment
Make relationships in Data Logical views adjustable Answered
2 votes 1 comment
Improve (flat) template forms to smart & dynamic forms Answered
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Connect and use objects across business units Planned
4 votes 2 comments
Datamodule wens 1: relaties kunnen leggen op veldniveau
7 votes 2 comments
Geen accountactivatie voor SSO (read-only) users (nu omslachtige procedure)
8 votes 4 comments
Object hints in Architecture views
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Remove / change thicknesses of borders from shapes on views Answered
2 votes 1 comment
Possibility to download end to end processes Answered
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Uniek ID voor vragen in vragenlijst Answered
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Lock an image/freeshape
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Tree view in Object Browser for Applications Answered
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When a user is "deleted" re-assign their views Answered
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Change behaviour of Ctrl-Click to open a URL in the non-edit modus
5 votes 4 comments
URL as anchor/link for an shape Answered
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Add refresh relationships to view diagrams for application objects Answered
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Support easy actor replacement in swimlane in BPMN diagram Planned
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Being able to link to a personal image added in an Archimate view Answered
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Personal conditional formatting
3 votes 4 comments
Allow other BPMN-swimlane options Answered
6 votes 7 comments
Share a view with roles Planned
12 votes 9 comments
Show title of the view in the name of the tab Completed
8 votes 6 comments
Niet tonen metadataveld-titels in procesportaal-rechterpaneel indien veld leeg Completed
3 votes 4 comments