Wish: corporate logo available in diagrams Completed
18 votes 13 comments
Copy and paste in the BPMN
17 votes 7 comments
Use rich text format in views
14 votes 11 comments
Extra option for linking objects and freeshapes to external hyperlinks Answered
12 votes 5 comments
Sorteren van views op laatst gewijzigd en type Completed
11 votes 13 comments
A fixed URL to an official BPMN process Answered
10 votes 4 comments
Copy object in BPMN view to another BPMN view in another process Answered
10 votes 9 comments
Share a view with roles Planned
10 votes 8 comments
Ability to Draw shapes in BPMN views Answered
9 votes 7 comments
Merging objects Answered
9 votes 8 comments
Ability to empty archive (delete objects)
8 votes 3 comments
Excel/CSV import
8 votes 1 comment
use API's for the exchange of data between BlueDolphin and other systems Planned
8 votes 12 comments
BPMN Views: Automatically create or apply straight angled cornered lines Answered
8 votes 5 comments
[wish] Collapse/Expand BPMN subprocess
7 votes 2 comments
Wish: Admin User & Role Management improvements
7 votes 4 comments
Show title of the view in the name of the tab
7 votes 4 comments
Rotate text whithin objects Answered
7 votes 3 comments
Export BPMN processes including a description of task fields Completed
7 votes 14 comments
Report on relationship in use in views
6 votes 6 comments
Weergave diagram pagina Answered
6 votes 3 comments
Retrieve object from archive Answered
6 votes 2 comments
Function to make lines horizontal Answered
6 votes 5 comments
[wish] Bridging the gap between product wishes and product development
6 votes 4 comments
Default colors for "Object Definitions"
6 votes 3 comments
De-archiveren van objecten
6 votes 3 comments
Datamodule wens 1: relaties kunnen leggen op veldniveau
6 votes 1 comment
Using templates to create new Architecture, BPMN, Logical Data views Completed
6 votes 10 comments
Hide the AMEFF Identifier property by default
6 votes 2 comments
Copy & paste between views
6 votes 11 comments