Disabling all color filters in one click Answered
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Merging objects Answered
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Making a BPMN process official bij NOT and admin Answered
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Additional free shapes for 'Office' Answered
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BPMN message start event Answered
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Make Archimate process relations created by making BPMN diagrams official configurable Answered
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Drag en drop objects on the canvas with the option to include or exclude existing relations. Answered
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Copy and paste formatting Answered
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Ability to Draw shapes in BPMN views Answered
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Allow other BPMN-swimlane options Answered
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Multiple pools in a BPMN view connected by message flows Answered
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BPMN Views: Automatically create or apply straight angled cornered lines Answered
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Free shape: line drawing Answered
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Use other objects besides actors for BPMN Answered
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Tagging views Answered
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Standaard links bij objecten Answered
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A fixed URL to an official BPMN process Answered
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Allow opening of a view from the view-window in a new browserwindow/tab Answered
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Change maximal number of Relations (100) to show in Diagram Answered
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Use text alignment in objects on view Answered
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Enabeling/disabeling questionnaire field in the Admin screen Answered
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Restrict access to sensitive data Answered
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Werk-informatie in BlueDolphin Answered
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Extra option for linking objects and freeshapes to external hyperlinks Answered
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Audit trail op eigenaarschap van processen/applicaties Answered
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Function to make lines horizontal Answered
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Automatisch weergeven van gekoppelde swimlane(s) bij een proces Answered
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Unable to fix size of attribute edit fields Answered
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Disable shadows of objects Answered
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Use of the paint-roller within the legenda menu Answered
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