Werk-informatie in BlueDolphin Answered
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Copy and paste formatting Answered
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Open view pane: being able to filter/sort on columns Answered
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Sort Objects alphabetically in BPMN when adding to the view Answered
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Ability to Draw shapes in BPMN views Answered
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Disabling locking of views Answered
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BPMN: Two layers, an overview and a detailed layer to show all the inputs and outputs etc Answered
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Restrict access to sensitive data Answered
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Highlighting a search term when a 'hit' is found Answered
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Search in description of Official processes (not just Search in title / name) Answered
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Reports (Ad Hoc Views): role able to create reports should also be able to delete her/his own reports Answered
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Insert tables into Archimate views Answered
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Add use of maps to the repository Answered
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BPMN data in Open Data feed Answered
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WISH: BlueDolphin user-insights Answered
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Extra option for linking objects and freeshapes to external hyperlinks Answered
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Use object shapes according the Archimate standard Answered
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Add RACI in BPMN diagram steps and make it visible in diagrams Answered
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Terms in Logica Data Diagrams should be saved to the repository Answered
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Hide / disable functionality publishing of views Answered
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Archimate objecten op werkset die een link hebben ook visueel maken Answered
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Continu zichtbare indicatie van gekoppelde werkset(s) aan objecten Answered
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BPMN Views: Automatically create or apply straight angled cornered lines Answered
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Warning or option to undo after deleting Answered
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Export BPMN activities (and data) to a report. Answered
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Connect several selected objects with a chosen relationship to another object in one action Answered
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Free shape: line drawing Answered
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Use other objects besides actors for BPMN Answered
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Merging objects Answered
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Automatische koppeling van Title naar Name veld Answered
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